Deep Learning technology to unbias recruiting

Recruiting is biased

We, as humans, have inherent biases and stereotypes based on gender, race, nationality and age to name a few. In addition, modern Artificial Intelligence tools are potentially biased depending on data and how models are being trained. Check out Amazon's story below for instance.


We believe in equality and work on developing tools to remove biases in recruitment and pre-screening processes.

Normal Resume

A typical resume contains personal data such as gender, date of birth, nationality. In addition, a picture might be included and by applying modern Artificial Intelligence techniques can reveal personal information that can affect the chances of someone being hired. The resume above has been built with novoresume.

Unbiased Resume

At InclusiveAI we work on tools remove biases in recruitment such us scrubbing any kind of personal information. We apply the latest Computer Vision techniques to remove gender, race and age from pictures and Natural Language Processing techniques to remove personal details.